Feature Documentary Balentes - The Brave Ones is screening in Palace Cinemas across Australia!
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Feature Documentary Balentes - The Brave Ones is screening in Palace Cinemas across Australia!

The Sardinian Cultural Association-Melbourne (SCA) is proud to announce that Italo (Sardinian)-Australian Film Director, Lisa Camillo brings her controversial feature film documentary “Balentes/The Brave Ones” to Australia, for 33 screenings. These will take place at the "Palace Cinemas" in the major cities, as part of the extremely popular "Lavazza Italian Film Festival", where she will also be one of the Festival's accredited Judges. 

This exciting latest development follows the documentary's extremely successful 1st. worldwide screening, including a "Q & A" Forum, organised by the SCA and the Italian Network of Melbourne, at the Italian Institute of Culture in April this year. The SCA and Lisa once again look forward to your support towards this widely acclaimed documentary.

The more people see the documentary, the more can be done to save Sardinia's wonderful fragile environment from further damage, by creating a world-wide movement of "Balentes". Such movement will go a long way to helping the people affected by the very real environmental and economic injustices, still happening today, all which are motivated by political and other greed and self-interests, as portrayed by the documentary.

An overview of what brought about Lisa producing the documentary, full details of the "Lavazza Film Festival's". Screenings and other relevant background information follows: Lisa Camillo - Writer, Producer, Director & Anthropologist

It all began in Australia, and it is here that “Balentes/The Brave Ones” will have its formal premiere with 33 screenings between Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

Lisa, brings her daring and controversial film back to where it was born and developed. A revealing feature documentary, which breaks the long silence on the exploitation by the Italian Government of its Sardinian island, treated as one big firing and bombing range.

It was a courageous choice that of Lisa, to produce such a whistle-blower documentary, which will cause a big stir in Italy, and which begins its distribution in Australia by Palace Cinemas at the nineteenth edition Lavazza Italian Film Festival (www.italianfilmfestival.com.au).

“Balentes”, a long and laborious four years of filming between Sardinia and Australia, is an independent production made possible with the precious help and support of those who believed in the Project. In addition Lisa's talents, determination and thoughtfulness, in instigating the initial crowd funding scheme (wwwbalentesfilm.com), rounded off what has resulted in a successful widely acclaimed Project.

One may very well ask, who the “Balentes are? They are all those Sardinians (men & women) who have and continue to stand up against superior forces to uphold their rights and to proudly defend their land, using the strength that  comes from their roots and from their thousands year old history.

They are those who oppose a Government which turns a blind eye to the suffering of those many mothers who have witnessed their children die from cancers and leukaemia after having worked in the military bases and forced to handle lethal materials, all which is happening to this day in the infamous "Salto di Quirra - Weapons Testing Range". There are many Court cases currently underway seeking a just compensation, whereas the splendid beaches of "Capo Teulada" are closed to the local population and tourists.

"Balentes" is a call to arms, with the documentary designed to stirring up consciences, not only for the Italians in this Sardinian case, but also providing encouragement to all the suppressed and exploited minorities of the world. In this context the documentary also makes reference to the precious lesson which can be learned from Australia's own indigenous population.

In 2019 Lisa will release the "Balentes" story in book form, in collaboration with the publishers "Ponte Alle Grazie"

Finally Lisa states “My Island, our island, must not only be considered as a holiday destination, beautiful though it may be, but has a dignity of its own that must be rediscovered and its culture be revalued. Sardinia can and must start again, to reaffirm itself and the rights of its people, counting on the strength and courage of the "Balentes/The Brave Ones" of Sardinia, as an example to all the "Brave Ones of the world.”

Film director Lisa Camillo brings her feature-length documentary “Balentes – the Brave Ones” to Australia for 33 showings in the best theatres in the major cities this September and October: Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

Lisa Camillo, italo-australian film director, writer, anthropologist, brings her daring and controversial film back to where it was born and developed. A revealing feature-length documentary, which breaks the long silence on the exploitation by the Italian Government of its Sardinian island, treated as one big firing and bombing range, which in reality is a paradise island off the coast of Italy, as big as Sicily and Tasmania. 

It was a courageous choice that of Lisa, to produce such an whistle blower documentary, which will cause a big stir in Italy, and which begins its distribution in Australia by Palace Cinemas in the Lavazza Italian Film Festival (https://www.italianfilmfestival.com.au), arriving at its nineteenth edition.

Lisa will also be part of the jury for the Bvlgari Critics' Choice Award.

Come and join the director Lisa Camillo at the Premiers of Sydney at Palace Norton Cinema on Sun, on 16 Sept at 6:15PM followed by Q&A; and of Melbourne at Palace Cinemas Como on Fri, 21st Sept at 6:45PM followed by Q&A.

To read more: www.italianfilmfestival.com.au/films/balentes-the-brave-ones

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Exhibition Banyule and Sardinian Cultural Association
6:00 PM18:00

Exhibition Banyule and Sardinian Cultural Association

Opening Night: 20 June 2018

@ Hatch Contemporary Arts Space, 14 Ivanhoe Parade Ivanhoe

 ·       Presented by Banyule City Council and the Sardinian Cultural Association of Melbourne (SCA), with support from the Autonomous Region of Sardinia

·       Photographs by Luca Pisci

·       Curated and designed by Paola Steri

The SCA, one of the many Cultural Groups within Banyule's rich Multicultural Community, is proud and thankful to partner with Banyule Council, in presenting this Exhibition in the context of the "Storytellers from the Banyule Art Collection - Autumn/Winter Banyule Arts & Culture Program".

It is not the first time that the SCA collaborates with Banyule Council, as in 2009 a similar partnership saw the painting of the Mural titled "The Continuing Journey", which still resides at the Post Office car park wall of Rosanna Village in Rosanna.

Many thanks go to Paola and Luca, two relatively recent young Sardinian arrivals, for their dedication, passion and efforts in presenting you “Su Carrasegare / Beyond the Masks".

This Exhibition will accompany you in an exciting journey of discovery of the beliefs and rites of pre-Christian Sardinia. You will see powerful images of the archaic masks and costumes still used today during Carnival, su Carrasegare, in the villages of Barbagia in the Sardinian Island, in Italy. The etymological study of the origin of Sardinian words assists us recapture the long lost meanings associated with these haunting masks, costumes and rituals.

The 12 fascinating photographs realised by the photograph Luca Pisci want to tell something hidden until now and recently discovered thanks to the support of “Progetto Sa Sartiglia” and the analysis of the prof. Dedola (https://sasartiglia.com), source of inspiration for the photograph who soon we’ll be back in Italy to realise the second reportage about the carnival masks.

The project has been achieved thanks to Paola Steri, Graphic Designer with has curated this exhibition in collaboration with Banyule council and thanks to the Sardinian Cultural Association which, during the Opening night, some members of them will wear the folkloristic costumes of their Island.


Link video


Link website insights ENGLISH


Link website insights ONLY ITALIAN



Luca Pisci (1986) has always been fascinated by the mysteries of his native land, Sardinia. He is currently engaged in a major project devoted to Sardinian culture, of which this exhibition is part. (https://lucapisci.com)

Paola Steri is an Italian graphic designer, originally from Sardinia, who has organised events for several institutions and council and now she is managing her own advertising agency (http://paolasteri.com)

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The Targa Florio Australian Tribute 2017
to Dec 3

The Targa Florio Australian Tribute 2017

  • Harbour Esplanade Docklands, VIC, 3008 Australia (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

After 101 editions, it will be the very first time Targa Florio will take place out of the Italian island of Sicily.

The Confederation of Australian Motor Sports (CAMS) has designed a 4-day itinerary in regional Victoria (Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula, Surf Coast, Mornington Peninsula, Phillip Island, Yarra Valley) and Melbourne.

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Pirandello e la dissoluzione della personalità (Lecture)
6:30 PM18:30

Pirandello e la dissoluzione della personalità (Lecture)

One of Italy’s foremost intellectuals speaks on the giants of Italian culture, Prof. Remo Bodei.

The Italian Cultural Institute and Co.As.It. are proud to invite you to a lecture;

Pirandello e la dissoluzione della personalità

(Talk in Italian)

Seguendo le posizioni di alcuni “medici-filosofi” francesi (Théodule Ribot, Paul Janet e Pierre Binet), che alla fine dell’Ottocento avevano distrutto l’immagine di un io monolitico e di un’anima immortale, Pirandello ha spinto sino al virtuosismo l’analisi delle scissioni della coscienza, ha descritto il prodursi di personalità sdoppiate o multiple e ha trattato con acume le fratture e le deformazioni psichiche. Ha così sperimentato le configurazioni della coscienza scissa di un individuo, simultaneamente o alternativamente sedotto dalla tranquillizzante sicurezza di essere “uno”, dall’angoscia e dallo sconcerto di accorgersi di essere “centomila” e dal sollievo derivante dall’ascetica decisione di azzerarsi per essere “nessuno”. Ben sessanta opere di Pirandello – tra racconti, romanzi e drammi – trattano della scissione (duplicazione o moltiplicazione), della perdita (vera o simulata, come nel romanzo Il fu Mattia Pascal) che scopre di non essere unica e compatta. La società ci incatena al principio di individuazione perché vuole vincolarci alle nostre azioni e ai nostri pensieri (in quanto preludi all’agire), fissarci a un unico e permanente io. La natura fissa ciascuno in determinate fattezze corporee, attribuendogli determinate ascendenze familiari; la società pretende poi di classificarlo secondo propri parametri. Entrambe, però, cospirano nel trasformarlo in un “individuo”, perché lo vogliono – alla lettera – indivisibile e sempre uguale a se stesso, ossia “integro”, cosciente, responsabile.



Italian philosopher Remo Bodei, now professor emeritus at the University of Pisa, has taught for many years at the Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa and at the University of California, Los Angeles. He studied for many years in Germany and taught in various European and American Universities. He is a Fellow of the Italian Academy at Columbia University and of the Italian Accademia dei Lincei. His scientific interests were initially focused on German classical philosophy, then on political philosophy; in the last two decades, he has concentrated on the theory and the history of oblivion, delusion, and individuality, and on the nature of passions and desires. His books have been translated into fifteen languages.

Free Event

RSVP via facebook or email: ihs@coasit.com.au

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12:00 PM12:00


It is with great pleasure that the SCA, in collaboration with the Toscana Social Club (TC), invites you to the above mentioned lunch, which is held at the Clubrooms of the TC- 273 Victoria Street, Brunswick , easily accesable by Public Transport.

The following is the schedule of these lunches for 2016:

· 6th. July

· 3rd. August;

· 7th. September;

· 5th. October;

· 9th. November;

· 7th. December

The lunch commences at 12 noon and is partially subsidised by the TC, the cost of $25 per person includes a three course meal with beer, wine and soft drinks.

Whilst the lunch is attended by many pensioners the SCA, through its relaunched "Next Generation Giovani" initiative ,also invites any recently arrived Sardinians to come along meet other Sardinians and join our "Social Media" network.

Pre-bookings are absolutely essential by ringing Marino La Nasa - 0423 852 019 or Paolo Lostia - 0419 872 091

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Dalla Toscana alla Sardegna Pranzo Conviviale
12:00 PM12:00

Dalla Toscana alla Sardegna Pranzo Conviviale

Foto: Piazza Anfiteatro, Lucca e Nuraghe, Sardegna

Foto: Piazza Anfiteatro, Lucca e Nuraghe, Sardegna

Toscana Social Club Melbourne in collaborazione con Il Sardinian Cultural Association  presenta

Dalla Toscana alla Sardegna

From Tuscany to Sardinia


 Mezzogiorno, Domenica 18 Settembre, 2016, 

Alla Sede del Toscana Social Club, 273 Victoria Street Brunswick

Menù in abbondanza, con:

  • Antipasto freddo (Cold antipasto)
  • Pasta con Porcini (Pasta with Porcini mushrooms)
  • Capretto alla pastore con patate e carciofi (Baby Goat, shepherd style, with potatoes and artichokes )
  • Caffe e dolci misti Sardi (Coffee and assorted Sardinian cakes) incluso Seadas, un dolce tipico Sardo (traditional Sardinian dessert)

Musica: Enzo Marassi


  • $55, incluso bibite e bevande (includes food and drinks)
  • $25, bambini dai 6-15 anni (children between 6 - 15 years)
  • gratis, sotto 5 anni (free for children under 5)

Prenotazioni Entro 12 Settembre:

Sono assolutamente essenziali (booking is essential), tramite; 

  • Marcello Rocchiccioli 0432 353 830;
  • Betty Silvio 0404 460 378;
  • Angelo Ledda 0418 330 573

Esigenze alimentari speciali devono essere informati al momento della prenotazione.

Organizzato dal Toscana Club e la Sardinian Cultural Association, con il generoso appoggio di Stefano Rassu - Chef/ Titolare del locale Pomodoro Sardo

Click here to download the event flyer.

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Melbourne Documentary Film Festival - Bullied to Death
to Oct 10

Melbourne Documentary Film Festival - Bullied to Death

Bullied to Death

Session Time: 7:30PM, SUNDAY, 10TH JULY 2016

Director: Jo Coda, A film produced by Sardinian film Director

Finalist at Melbourne's Documentary Film Festival

Bullied to Death depicts a 24 hour performance against homophobia through the real stories of teenagers worldwide that experience severe bullying episodes at school, from their own families and on the web, as a result of their coming out about their sexuality.


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"Bullied To Death"
7:30 PM19:30

"Bullied To Death"

A film produced by Sardinian film Director Jo Coda
Starring Tendal Mann
Finalist at Melbourne's Documentary Film Festival
World Premier - 7.30pm Sunday 10 July 2016
Howler Art Space 7 - 11 Dawson Street, Brunswick 03 9077 5572
Official YouTube Trailer

"Aveva quattordici anni quando, nel 2011, si è tolto la vita per esasperazione e isolamento: esasperato dalle minacce di chi lo perseguitava; isolato perché nessuno poteva aiutarlo. La sua colpa? Essere gay. Un episodio agghiacciante che è stato dimenticato in fretta. Il regista cagliaritano Giovanni Coda, già al TGLFF 2013 con Il rosa nudo, ne ricorda la dolorosa memoria, dando voce a chi, come J.R., è stato vittima dell'omofobia. Con un film sperimentale che combina cinema tradizionale e videoarte."
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9:30 AM09:30


·         9.30 Holy Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral, 1 Cathedral Place, East Melbourne
·         11.00 Social festivities (free entry), including "BBQ's", traditional cuisine of Friuli Regionand plenty of music,  at the Fogolar Furlan Club, 1 Matisi Street Thornbury
·         For additional information please contact the organisers via, land line: (03) 9639 0833 / (03) 9484 0477, mobile: 0409 194 025 or email lb@bini.com.au

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Nomit is pleased to announce ITA.Lab: a new Italian indie hub in town.
9:00 AM09:00

Nomit is pleased to announce ITA.Lab: a new Italian indie hub in town.



I am writing on behalf of the new not-for-profit association called Nomit. We are committed to assisting the new wave of Italian migrants and renewing the representation of the Italian culture in Melbourne.

We thought of reaching out hoping we could join forces to connect Italians and Australians, older and younger generations, thanks to our common passion for Italian culture.

As part of our mission, we are launching a new program of educational activities (Italian language and culture classes, attached). We are sure second and third generations' Italians could particularly benefit and enjoy from them.

If you need further information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Best Wishes,

A presto!

The Italian Network of Melbourne

w: http://nomit.com.au/
w: http://italianimelbourne.it
f: facebook.com/nomitnetwork
t: twitter.com/nomitnetwork
e: info@nomit.com.au

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5:00 PM17:00


Cerchi lavoro? Lo hai ma vorresti migliorare le tue prospettive professionali?.... Vuoi uscire dal tunnel dell'hospitality??

- salari, contratti e legislazione;
- strategie per cercare lavoro;
- stesura CV e Cover Letter;
- networking con imprenditori e aziende locali.

Tutto questo, e molto altro, in un evento GRATUITO, che si svolgerà il 2 Maggio, alla KATHLEEN SYME LIBRARY & COMMUNITY CENTRE (Carlton).

Prenota il tuo posto a info@nomit.com.au


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