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"Australia land of kangaroos and hope"

(Lambasciata Australian ltaly to recently provided the following useful information for visitors to the largest country of Oceania)

The Australian Embassy in Italy, on the occasion of Australia Day celebrations. Cosideta declared as the "Down Under" is still a reference point and landing place for many young people in search of an existential outlet.

How to assess the fact that there are still many young people who look to Australia as a landing?

For job opportunities you can offer, and also in view of the longstanding relationship that unites Italy and Australia, the importance of the Italian-Australian community and the significant role that Italians have had and continue to have in forging Australia today, I am not surprised that many young Italians have Australia as a destination. Australians of Italian origin, in fact, are the second group in Australia, after that of Anglo-Celtic origin. In the last census of 2011, 299,833 persons (1.4 per cent of the Australian population) they said they speak Italian.

The "heritage" left by their predecessors?

generations of Italian immigrants have made a substantial contribution to the mining industry, fishery, construction and agriculture. Australians of Italian origin have been fully integrated into Australian society and occupy leading positions in all sectors having made a significant contribution to the food, wine and tourism. Only in the last twenty years (1991-30 June 2014) 9,545 people born in Italy have moved to Australia.

The programmatic platform of welcome and inclusion?

In July of 2012, Australia introduced the visa program for skilled and qualified workers "Skill Select / Technical Choice," which allows you to get a work visa, temporary or long term, for Australia, including the "Migrant Visa / Visa Migrants ", which, however, is limited and requires an excellent knowledge of English. Through the program "Skill Select / Technical Choice," qualified Italian youth seeking employment in Australia can express their interest "On Line" and free of charge. This allows employers and state agencies in Australia to select possible candidates to be nominated for a visa, for example through the Scheme "Employer Nomination / Appointment Employer". Expressions of interest are also a mechanism to be invited and to be able to apply for a visa "Skilled Migration / Migration specialist" for immigration of skilled personnel.

The site "Skill Select / Technical Selection" ( is a useful resource for finding a job opportunity in Australia and check what are the jobs for which there is actually demand.

How are the working holiday visa?

The Visa "Working Holiday Visa / Working Holiday Visa" program is designed to promote cultural exchanges and closer relations between the two countries and allows young people under thirty years of stay in Australia for a holiday period, during which they can carry out short-term jobs. The maximum period of work allowed during the stay is six months. Read more about this type of visa are available "On Line" (

What does Australia today?

If young Italians are able to finance themselves autonomously a holiday or a period of study in Australia, working holiday visas and visas for students can lead to future employment opportunities. According to the existing agreement between Australia and Italy, the Italian citizens residing in Australia may be eligible for health services, urgent care, and without direct burden of expenditure in the first six months of residence. Outside of cases of urgent performances and events that occur beyond the six-month stay in Australia, the Convention does not apply. In these cases it is advisable to take out private medical insurance.
more specific information

"Summary of the rules for the granting of Visas and residence permits in Australia"

(The SCA is neither authorized nor competenteha give advice in this respect, so these are provided unformazioni been compiled in close consultation with industry professionals to accredited immigration of which mentioned later)

It is no longer as easy as it emigrate to Australia or just temporarily move into this country. Australia has legislation for the granting of Visas and the very complex and rigorous residence permits that changes frequently. The procedure for granting a work visa and 'very precise and can be time consuming, costly, with no certainty about the outcome, and Diplomatic-Consular Italians abroad offices play no role in this process because the grant a visa for entry into Australia is the sole responsibility of the Australian authorities who must turn to.

Our Circle (SCA) is the committee responsible, because as already 'mentioned, the laws are very complicated and they continue to be more and more severe, even because of the current political and economic climate in which we find ourselves.

Therefore, before making tough decisions on how best to proceed, and 'to contact via Internet to the Department of Immigration at the following website that corresponds to the "Department of Immigration and Border Protection / Department of Immigration and Border protection ". Contacting this institution you can get accurate information and specifichein first (site in English) about the procedure to follow.

Qualorarimane intention ditrasferirsi in Australia, there are "Registered Migration Agents / Brokers Register Emigration" which, upon payment of a fee, they can help in identifying the type of visa that best suits your needs and assist in the conduct of the legal process of 'visa. On you can find the list of "Registered Migration Agents / Brokers Register Emigration" at the website of the "Migration Agents Registration Authority / Registration Authority Agents Emigration"

A serious consultation with one or more of the identified accredited "Registered Migration Agents / Brokers Register Emigration" is certainly more than appropriate.

The SCA and can strongly recommend the following "Registered Migration Agents / Brokers Register Emigration":

Joseph Micahel Zia - Zaia and Associates (Reg. MARN: 0211396)
Nicky Di Marco - URBE Migration Services (Reg. MARN: 1383591)
Also, if assistance is required of people able to provide information and help finding schools for the study of English in Australia, you can contact:

URBE Education Services Australia
It's also a good idea contattarevia their websites other information providers in the field of migration and labor agencies, for example:

Portal Australia-
Italian Consulate Melbourne -
Seek Job Search -
Career One Job Search -
The SCA wishes the best to those who plan to visit Australia on vacation or trying to start a new life in Australia. If such a desire is realized, we recommend you to contact us well in advance so we can do our best as guests in the best of Sardinian traditions and Australian ".