Why should I become a Supporter?

Supporters are critical to the operation of the SCA, and allow for functions, events and scholarships to be provided to our members. When you become a supporter, you become part of the SCA community.

What benefits do I receive as a Supporter?

As a supporter you will receive community brand promotion and networking opportunities. Your logo and website will be promoted on the SCA website. SCA members are also encouraged to support the businesses and brands of our supporters to reciprocate the kind generosity.

What can I support?

Support options for the SCA include the following options:

  • General Sponsorship
  • Scholarship Sponsorship
  • Event Sponsorship
  • Service Sponsorship

How do I become a Supporter?

To become a Supporter please contact the SCA on:
T: +61 03 9458 2614
E: sardi.melbourne@bigpond.com