SCA's Annual General Meeting 2018

Please see the photos that were taken at the recent SCA's AGM, as pictured at the lectern, we had the pleasure of the presence of Alfio Camarda - Languages rograms teacher at Marcellin College in Bulleen. Alfio Camarda spoke about the Bilateral Melbourne/Sardinia Student Exchange Program, which the SCA is developing, in collaboration with Marcellin College and the "Liceo Scientifico Pacinotti" in Cagliari.

It is was acknowledged in this regard, with many thanks, that the SCA has been receiving great "hand on" support from Aldo Aledda, who resides in Cagliari and is an ex Sardinian Government Official who has remained close to the SCA since his retirement some years ago. Noting, that Aldo also provided invaluable input into the book published by the SCA a few years go titled "Ajo in Australia/Let’s Go to Australia".

Other important notes presented / discussed:

1.       A major topic of discussions were focused around the fact that last year we celebrated 30 years as a club. Thanking all those past and present who with great dedication have voluntarily made this milestone possible and confirming that the SCA is in good financial position thanks to the carefulness of the Board and in particular the support of the RAS that finance us;

2.       It has been recognized that we too are suffering for the same reasons as many other associations, however, and for a period that we are re-inventing ourselves as a club with the following initiatives:

·         Maintenance and usefulness of the  SCA's Website e maximizing the use of the National Facebook Page "Sardinians in Australia", of which administration was recently taken over by Gino Cavallo. A special thanks to Athena Thompson who has relinquished this role due to family commitments;

·         Development of various Regional & Local Projects, such as:

-          "Sapori e Profumi della Cucina Sarda in Australia", submitted to the RAS for approval by the SCA on 29/06/2017;

-          "Maschere Sarde", in collaboration with COASIT’s Italian Museum/Italian Historical Society and two newly arrived young Sardinians Paola Steri and Luca Pisci;

-          Planned Screening, at the Italian Institute of Culture, of the controversial documentary called "Balentes", in collaboration with its Producer of Sardinian origin, Lisa Camillo and the Italian Network of Melbourne (NOMIT);

3.       A Report from the "Consultore" and Coordinator of Sardinian Associations in Australia - Pietro Schirru was also tabled. Which included the outcomes of the Meeting of the coordination of Sardinian Associations in Australia held in Brisbane on 9/04/2017 and the Meeting of the Consult which was held in Cagliari on 2/02/2018;

4.       Reference was made to the long term SCA of the  annual Assisi Centre/SCA Elderly Care Sponsorship for the benefit of the aged;

5.       The newly elected committee comprises Paul Lostia - President, Ylenia Useli - Vice President, Angelo Ledda - Secretary, Giovanna Ruiu - Treasurer, Ricardo Schirru, Tonina Nolis, Giovanna Ruiu, Giovanni Chighine and "Aussie New Arrival" Christopher Baker. A special thanks was also given to outgoing Member Mariangela Prib, which in this context, was also extended to Mariangela's daughter - Athena Thompson who, whilst not in the Committee,  up until recently had been responsible for the SCA's IT matters, as well as Gino Cavallo who has recently taken on these responsibilities.

All in all another great year by the SCA was acknowledged and the Meeting concluded with refreshments, during which the SCA's 30th Anniversary commemorative DVD,  compiled by Ylenia Useli and originally screened at the commemorative Lunch held on 20/08/2017 and attended by many current and past Members as well as guests.