Re-release of the Book "Ajo In Australia - Let's Go To Australia"

1st published in 2012


The contemporary book brings to life the history of Sardinian immigration in Victoria, particularly Melbourne. Pino Bosi pens the Sard-Australian story based on interviews conducted by Dr Saverio Minutolo and includes collaboration with Prof Aldo Aledda, a Sardinian historian. Written both in English and Italian, it divulges the circumstances as to why Sardinian people would chose to leave "the most hospitable and quite resort in the Mediterranean" to make their home in a young new country, Australia.

With 53 interviews it captures the original family stories of the Sardinian settlers (written in Italian) as well as and the proud history of the Sardinian Cultural Association (written in English).

Retailing AU$25 (inclusive of GST) plus $10 for postage in Australian, The book can be purchased by contacting:

The Secretary, SCA

P.O. Box 132, Heidelberg Vic. 3084

Phone (03) 9458 2614


The Secretary, IAI

P.O. Box 8280, Northland Vic. 3072

Phone: (03) 8480 0400


Very informative and beautifully written book and most important that the “Sardinian Story” has been told and documented. Whilst only approximately 3,820 Sardinians migrated to Australia Post War with no English language, mobiles, I-pads, Facebook or the Internet, , yet they represent a well settled community who call Australia “home” whilst at the same time being extremely proud of their Sardinian heritage and of having formed a solid basis for future generations.
— Paul Lostia, President SCA & Piero Genovesi, Director IAI

The Publisher: The Italian Australian Institute (IAI) is a non-profit organisation, supported by the co-operation between the Grollo Ruzzene Foundation and La Trobe University. Its charter states its main aim is to research and study every aspect of the Italian presence in Australia.