Silvia Careddu in Melbourne for concerts

Recently named first flute of the Austrian orchestra Weiner Symphoniker, Silvia Careddu visited Melbourne after performing at a series of concerts around Australia, named 'A voice for the Silenced' part of the worldwide revival of masterpieces by composers whose lives were destroyed by the Holocaust at the Nazi Concentration Camps. The concerts were performed by Australian National Academy of Music musicians and Silvia was a special guest.

Silvia, born in Cagliari, at age nineteen, after graduating from the conservatory 'Pierluigi da Palestrina' in Cagliari, completed a specialised course with Raymond Guinot Acadamy of Italian flute. With her dream of becoming a renowned musician she had to leave her beloved family and Sardinia/Italy for further studies. At age twenty four she was awarded the first prize of the jury at the 56th International Competition Music of Geneva. 

Now at age forty, of which twenty years have been away from Sardinia, Silvia says the joy and satisfaction she gained three decades ago at age nine when her parents convinced her to study the flute and as encouragement they would allow her to holiday the summer at La Maddalena (her mother's birthplace).

When in Melbourne Silvia was introduced to SCA President Paul Lostia by Stefano Rassu of Pomodoro Sardo. A 'Welcome to Melbourne' lunch was hosted for Silvia and her partner, where some of the SCA Committee members attended, alongside Il Globo journalist - Riccardo Schirru. He conducted an interview with Silvia, and you can click here to read the article

Giovanni and Aurora Chighine (SCA's treasurer) attended Silvia's concerts.