Festa della Republica/Italian National Day and Republic Day

2nd. June 2018

Festa della Repubblica is the Italian National Day and Republic Day, which is celebrated on 2 June each year. The day commemorates the institutional referendum held by universal suffrage in 1946, in which the Italian people were called to the polls to decide on the form of government, following the Second World War and the fall of Fascism. With 12,717,923 votes for a republic and 10,719,284 for the monarchy, the male descendants of the House of Savoy were sent into exile. To commemorate it, a grand military parade is held in central Rome, presided over by the President of the Italian Republic in his role as Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces. The Prime Minister, formally known as the President of the Council of Ministers, and other high officers of state also attend. There are important celebrations in all the Italian embassies and foreign heads of state are invited. Even though the main parade is in Rome, many Italian cities celebrate the day as well.

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"The SCA Celebrates Sa Die De Sa Sardigna"

"The SCA Celebrates

Sa Die De Sa Sardigna"

Many Sardinians have made their home in Melbourne, becoming exemplary law-abiding citizens, yet very proud of their origins.

As a flow on from the above, as the case for many years, on 29/04/2018 the SCA celebrated "Sa Die De Sa Sardigna", by way of a convivial lunch at the Club Italia in Sunshine,

As on past occasions this was a memorable day which, by way of a summary commemorates  ”The awakening of the Sardinian people, by way of a revolt, on 28 April 1794, against the domination of Piedmont in Sardinia". This courageous act stated the process which resulted in what we now know as the Autonomous Region of Sardinia.

The day was celebrated together with family, Sardinian and non-Sardinian friends and plenty of joy.

A traditional Sardinian Menu was served, which comprised an "Antipasto Rustico,  Mallorredus & Maiale Arrosto". Undoubtedly the highlight was the colourful homemade Sardinian biscuits and "Seadas".

For those who may not know "Seadas", is a pastry based dessert filled with "Pecorino" cheese, fried and served covered in sugar or honey. It may sound weird however, this mixture of ingredients, textures and flavours is most likely a flavour you’ve never had and will never get tired of.

Both the President of Club Italia  - Margaret Giudice and Vice President of the SCA - Ylenia Useli (President - Paul Lostia was not able to attend due to family reasons) gave a warm welcome and best wishes to all present, as well as wishing the SCA's long-time Secretary and past President - Angelo Ledda a speedy recovery following a recent health scare.

Ylenia also thanked Margaret and kitchen/waitering staff for the hospitality shown to the SCA over many years.

Speial thanks were also extended to to SCA Committee Member Tonina Nolis, for having prepared the Sardinian Sweets, and past Committee Member Iole Marino for having voluntarily provided two raffle prizes

The entertainment provided  by "Joe R." which saw many of us dancing during the day, was most appreciated.

In closing it was noted that all left feeling most satisfied with the day's proceedings and looked forward to many more such celebrations to come !!


Best Wishes of Happy Easter - Buona Pasqua, 

To you all,

That the “egg” of Easter not be solely a material gift, but that it also represent lasting peace, serenity, harmony and love in the grace of Human Kind.

With the festive sound of the Easter bells comes to you our more' affectionate wish of a Happy Easter.

Paolo Lostia on behalf of the Committee of the SCA Melbourne